Friday, 14 September 2018

FREE COIN RINGS - Coins You Can Wear 

As someone who is still discovering new talents even into my 60's, I suppose it was a

natural progression to create finger rings from the coins I dig up.

My decision to invest (well over) £1,000 in equipment wasn't always met with delight from Mrs Hat, but she thinks it may be worth it to keep me occupied when I'm not out detecting. 

It was a steep learning curve to get to the skill level I am at now, and it wasn't alway a happy one, especially in the beginning when i lost some nice coins due to making silly mistakes.

My workmanship has got noticeably better over recent months, and so have my videos showing the finished results, but I probably still have a bit to learn.  

My coin rings are very unique because everyone else I know BUYS their coins as new or even 'proofs' - whereas I prefer to take something once lost - sometimes for a hundred years or more, and give it a new meaningful life for someone who will treasure it forever.

I'm always receiving questions about these 'coins you can wear', so thought I'd answer a few of the more common ones here.

Q1. Can you make me a ring from a coin with my birth date?

A1. British silver between 1920 & 1946 are only 50% silver, this means two problems. 
a. Any silver with less than 90% content *may* cause a skin reaction called ‘black finger’.   
b. Because the quality of the silver was poor between these dates you need to be careful when folding into a coin ring. IF THE COIN HAS BEEN DUG UP it’s virtually guaranteed it’s going to split because of the decades of water penetration in the metal.
British (silver) coins after 1946 contain zero silver and will definitely cause skin irritation and should not be worn even on a chain around the neck. (Even if plated). 
HOWEVER - There are British commemorative 'proof' coins which are 99.9% fine silver OR British colony coins, for example the Bahamas dollar. But these would cost the market rate to obtain. 

Q2. Can I supply my own coin?

A2. Indeed you can, and many people do, but please make sure it's;
a. A genuine silver coin and not a Chinese fake
b. It's a minimum 50% silver, but ideally between 75% to 99.9%

Q3. Can you post it to me anywhere in the world?

A3. Yes, and I will charge 'signed and tracked' postage at cost

Q4. Can you make any size coin ring?

A4. The smallest I can make is a UK size 3 (US size F.5), the largest is UK size Z+2 (US size 13).  Note, I cannot make a tiny ring from a large coin and vice versa.

Q5. What silver coins can you supply?

A5. I have a small range of silver coins i.e. British, German, Australian, American and people are donating others to me frequently.

Q6. How much do you charge?

Q7. That is a really hard question because it depends on so many things i.e. a small sixpence might be £30 but you can add extras like 24ct gold, antique patina, palladium, rhodium or rose gold.  A large Morgan dollar for example would start at £85 (plus extras). I also have some coins which are 99.9% silver and these would start at £95.
So it's not easy to give you a firm indication of price without having a chat first. 

Q7. I heard you also offer free coin rings, how does this work?

A7. Yes I do, there are TWO ways, but you MUST be a subscriber to my Youtube channel to qualify for either method.
a. You can send me three identical silver coins and I make one into a ring for you and I keep the other two coins. You will need to cover the return postage.
b. You can also get a FREE coin ring when you support my Patreon page here

Q8. Can you make our wedding rings?

A8. Indeed I can, and have already had the pleasure of doing that for someone.

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  1. I lived in the UK twice 1957-60 and later 1983-86. Both times I met and enjoyed British friends. You seem like a totally likable chap. Keep up the cheer. Bill from Texas